Why We're Doing This

Work in the arts, work in nonprofits and work with children are all historically underpaid and undervalued sectors. At the intersection of all three, we also face devaluation from our own institution. Our passion fuels our work but we will no longer allow our labor to be exploited as a result. We have unionized to highlight the worth of our work and to advocate for higher pay, increased transparency and equitable practices.

By The Numbers


Operating Budget


San Diego Minimum Wage


Increase in Teaching Artist Starting Wage from '12 to '18


Visitors in 2018


Lowest Wage @ NCM


Increase in Admissions from ‘12 to ‘18

Our Priorities

A Living Wage

The work we do is important. We want to be paid enough to survive while doing it in one of the most expensive cities in the country.

Visitor Impact

We value museum accessibility for all who wish to visit. We do not want families to pay the price for an increase in our wages.

Empowering Others

Museum work doesn’t have to mean low wages. We want to build a coalition with other workers to improve conditions across the field.

Long-Term Investment

We are committed to the work of the Museum. We want structured compensation for time spent with the organization.

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